Episode 41.5

After a short hiatus, The Corrupted Crew returns with a slightly shorter episode, hence the episode number. A full episode will be coming up soon. Stay up to date and check out our recent episodes here and on iTunes. Help spread the corruption. Check us out on Facebook, fubar, and YouTube.


PSP II huh

As I woke up to another glorious Manhattan afternoon a few days ago I thought it would be another day of smooth jazz but as I sat down in front of my television turned on the ps3 and checked my mail I got some surprise news from one of my comrades. A Mr. joesushi. He mentioned in his electronic parcel to me that the psp 2 not only has  shape and form but a general release date ? say what. Now I will be honest. I sold my psp 2000 like a year ago and made that dirty switch to the itouch. It was the functionality that had me sold mainly with the multitasking and all together touch feature but now things are a little different… ok shit has changed. The psp 2 looks good. Important improvements have been made. So important in fact that Sony just might get back all the customers they used to have before that man Steve Jobs came with his itouch. Camera’s on the front and back of the psp 2 give it some personality not to mention the hope of some face time but not to follow in apples foot steps to much I’ll call it one on one time. The psp 2 is also bigger than its predecessor. At a wo hopping 5 inches and a OLED screen make it a giant among portable video game systems which is why it would make sense that Sony is calling it the NGP meaning the Next Generation Portable. I’m getting chills. The screen resolution has been tripled, 3G, Wifi, and GPS all come standard. It also includes a rear mounted touch pad plus literally everything that makes playstation move… MOVE.  Personally I wish they had changed the body style and brought in a new fresh look for 2011 and im sure they weighed that option but hey obviously they know something we don’t.