Hey Corrupted Data Fans!

Dirty J here! I finally figured out how to log into this goddamn thing. I don’t know why they asked me to write for this blog, cause I’m an ignorant fuck who doesn’t know what he’s doing! Anyway I’m vulgar, unforgiving, angry and above all dirty. If you enjoy my ranting on the show and writings here great. If you don’t the joke is on you cause your still gonna to my dumb ass and read my posts. I hope you mo’fuckas stay tuned for my upcoming music reviews and Dirty J’s summer diary (it’s gonna get dirty). Shout out to all of the fans on here, youtube, facebook and fubar. To all of my haters I thank you too. Because behind every successful man lies a pack of haters. Cheers! Also don’t forget to stay tuned for our report/road diary from The Anime Next Convention. I’m out people. The night is upon us, the women are out and the air is just right for drinking. Til next time…Spread The Corruption. Bang Bang!


Episode 30

Corrupted Data Episode 30 is up for your listening interest. Spread the corruption through Facebook, Fubar, iTunes and YouTube. Corrupted Reviews are on the way, stay on the look out. For those going to AnimeNEXT the Corrupted Crew will be there.