About the Corruption

The podcast began in May 2008 as something productive to do during the summer. A way to share our interest in Video Games, Anime and Media in general. It became a lot of fun and kept going with it. Every so often we invite friends to share their opinions on the current topics. After first starting this blogcast on blogger I recently moved everything to WordPress, where soon a domain of our own will be up and running. So who is the Corrupted Crew? Here is a short intro from the members.

The Corrupted Crew
Name: joesushi
Position: Admin/Host of Corrupted Data
Quote: “The human body is supposed to be 70 percent water. I consider myself 70 percent film.” -Hideo Kojima

Name: An0nymous
Position: Contributor/Photographer
Quote: “You can turn your back on a friend, but never turn your back on a drug; especially when it’s waving a razor-sharp hunting knife in your eye.” – Hunter S. Thompson

Name: dasungod (AKA Mage)
Position: Co-host
Quote: Anything that will piss Ced off.

Name: cedericthegamer (AKA Ced, Kevin, Woman Time (from Mage), Minus 1)
Position: Co-host

Name: dusk
Position: Female Contributor

Name: Roger Smith
Position: Negotiator
Quote: “If I got paid for being persistent, I would be fucking rich.”

Name: Dirty J
Position: Contributor


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