Episode 55

Here is Episode 55 and our thoughts on the recent New York Comic Con. Listen now by clicking the play button. The Corrupted Data twitter is coming soon so be on the look out.

[audio http://joesushi.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/corrupted-data-20111020.mp3]

Episode 54

Episode 54 is now up. Listen now by clicking the play button. Be sure to check out our thoughts on New York Comic Con in our next episode and spread the Corruption on Facebook, Fubar, Youtube and coming soon Twitter.

[audio http://joesushi.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/corrupted-data-20110907.mp3]

Corrupted Data @ NY Comic Con 2011

After a wild weekend at Comic Con, Corrupted Data is ready to get you in the know with our wrap-up report. Here are some audio interviews and insight from cedericthegamer.

Prototype 2 Interview

Goldeneye (PS3/360) Interview

Anchor Bay Battle Royale Interview

Ced on Max Payne 3

Thoughts on Saturday

Coming soon photos as well as video. A new episode is coming soon so keep up to date through Facebook, Fubar, YouTube and iTunes.