The dirty love child called Xperia

I Seanjin along with all my other male counter parts sat down in front of the TV Superbowl Sunday to watch a game of epic proportions and watch some creative commercials. Little did I know I was going to be genuinely surprised. One commercial grabbed my heart and warmed my bones. An android commercial seemingly like the rest but a little more mysterious. A slums of Brazil like setting with a very unsanitary surgery having already taken place and the bandages being cut from what seems like the only pair of scissors in the slum revealing thumbs. White human thumbs on the android. I didn’t know what to make of it at first until I saw a phone and that phone slid out something I wasn’t expecting. Not a keyboard like all the others but a PSP go like gaming control scheme dedicated to the Sony fanboys and girls of the world. It was a sight to behold and just like that the commercial was over leaving more questions than answers. I put 2 and 2 together remembering the Tokyo Game Show announcement Sony made about extending there network to android phones but to be so bold as to make the first move with the Sony Ericsson. I guess this is what they had up their sleeve.


PSP II huh

As I woke up to another glorious Manhattan afternoon a few days ago I thought it would be another day of smooth jazz but as I sat down in front of my television turned on the ps3 and checked my mail I got some surprise news from one of my comrades. A Mr. joesushi. He mentioned in his electronic parcel to me that the psp 2 not only has  shape and form but a general release date ? say what. Now I will be honest. I sold my psp 2000 like a year ago and made that dirty switch to the itouch. It was the functionality that had me sold mainly with the multitasking and all together touch feature but now things are a little different… ok shit has changed. The psp 2 looks good. Important improvements have been made. So important in fact that Sony just might get back all the customers they used to have before that man Steve Jobs came with his itouch. Camera’s on the front and back of the psp 2 give it some personality not to mention the hope of some face time but not to follow in apples foot steps to much I’ll call it one on one time. The psp 2 is also bigger than its predecessor. At a wo hopping 5 inches and a OLED screen make it a giant among portable video game systems which is why it would make sense that Sony is calling it the NGP meaning the Next Generation Portable. I’m getting chills. The screen resolution has been tripled, 3G, Wifi, and GPS all come standard. It also includes a rear mounted touch pad plus literally everything that makes playstation move… MOVE.  Personally I wish they had changed the body style and brought in a new fresh look for 2011 and im sure they weighed that option but hey obviously they know something we don’t.

We are Fifa 11 right? well we might just be.

I, Seanjin along with the world awaited the release of FIFA 11 the demo mind you. I waited and waited and finally got a call from a friend saying it was finally released. I got up off my couch did my 2 step over to my ps3 and went to town on the Playstation store. Setup the download and walked to the kitchen to make some Eggo’s you know thats good gaming food but anyways I’m halfway done spreading the butter and I peek out to the living room to see what percent the download is on and it says zero. O percent…Whats going on I ask myself. I pickup the controller and try to restart the Playstation store but the system was frozen. I restart the system of course and the light wont come on. It remained red and blinking. I immediately went online and found out that my ps3…my own ps3 has suffered hardware failure. I couldn’t press the ps button anymore. It was a very sad realization BUT would I let this stop me from playing this demo. Come on IM SEANJIN. I go back in the kitchen put syrup on my eggos, eat really fast, get on the 7 train switch over to the 6 and bobs your uncle im in front of my mothers 52 inch beast of a sharp HDTV. Yes once upon a time I was that much of a sony fanboy to buy 2 ps3s just in case something bad should happen and what do you know it did. I pull out the spare ps3, hook it up, download the demo, and finally play my first game. It feels great. The game is worth 70  but Ill gladly pay 65, lol. The gameplay was seamless. You can actually keep the ball away from an opponent. Its beautiful but if your expecting for your FIFA 10 skills to be passed on as elegantly as casper you got another thing coming. You wont be a friendly ghost but everybody for the most part gets a fresh start with this one and sometimes that’s what people need.