Yes, the legendary “Hokuto no Ken” series otherwise known as “Fist of the North Star” has made its way to the PlayStation 3 console this October in demo form. I have recently logged on to my ps3 account and decided to download and try the game out to see if it lives up to my expectations as well as its legacy. Well, this is what i have to say….. PURE FIRE!!!! All must understand that the simple act of me pressing O on my controller and watching Kenshiro(main character) go “ATATATATATATATATATA!!!!!” and literally DESTROY Jagi‘s(Kenshiro’s evil sworn brother) face/body/everything was already enough to make me cry tears of manliness within the first few seconds of gameplay! Ok, now that some of that is of my chest I’ll switch to talking about some of the game’s mechanics.

The game takes after the Dynasty Warriors style of gameplay since it was made by KOEI and of course keeps the same basic button scheme. square is regular combos, triangle is your power hits/alternate combo finishers, O is your signature move and X is jump. The top buttons compose of block, dash, super charge and grab which allow for some extra abilities whilst you go around wrecking face. Now, you only get two characters in the demo which are Kenshiro and Rei. Both have totally different play styles and you actually have to adjust how you play based on who you pick. Kenshiro has heavier slower hits and is power based while Rei has really fast strikes and is speed based. I won’t go too much into this since my point is ultimately that YOU(the reader) need to play it yourself as soon as you can and that the game adopts well to the Dynasty Warrior gameplay mechanics. It is also very pleasing to see all your favorite characters in a 3 dimensional setting totally demolishing anything they touch…… cause you know its cool to punch someone in the face, tell them “you’re already dead!”, watch them writhe in agony and then EXPLODE! Yes, very pleasing indeed.

So you know check out the game for yourself and post any comments you may have about this awesome game even if you don’t like it. Let me know what you think, Peace.