Ain’t no Sparkling in this damn Webcomic.

Vampires, sigh I probably should have waited until the current popularity of the subject die down but I’m so tired of all these sparkly Team Glittercock fangirls that keep drooling and ruining one of the most fearsome creatures of the night. So I’m going to going to introduce one the best Vampire webcomics I’ve ever read, Charby the Vampirate.

Now first thing I have to let you know is that Charby the Vampirate is not a serious webcomic it fits more into the categories of Comedy, Supernatural and Action. Now why would I mention this? I mention this because even though this may not be a completely serious comic this still one of the most well researched comic I’ve ever read. I mean all the details and myths were there and even properly made fun of. Everything from a Vampires urge to count scattered items, inviting a vampire into your home, shape shifting and even garlic. And it’s not only Vampires that are researched in the world of Charby of the Vampirate there exist Werewolves, Alps, Merfolk, Witches, Zombies and many other types of supernatural beings. Not only are all the creature types well researched the characters and story are quirky original and fresh.

Speaking of a story I should probably introduce you to it. Charby the Vampirate’s story revolves around Charby a former cabin boy that was abused by pirates before his turning.  During his travels runs into a cabin in the woods where he meets Menu the Werewolf as they soon joined by the Zombie siblings Mye and Hexavier, Toni the Alp, and Zeno the Demon. During the course of the comic all the characters run into their own problems and adventures. Whether it be Mye’s trouble with transformations and killer bunny girls, Zeno’s steady battle with schizophrenia, Toni’s escape from hunter, or even tales of revolving around a boy and his magic hat. All the stories are quirky, fun, hilarious and on occasion mildly disturbing and I can’t share much more otherwise I’ll either ruin a person’s desire to read the comic or go on forever telling the reader every story making it unnecessary to read the comic.

The comic as a whole is a fun experience that’ll make you forget all the sins the Twilight series has committed. If you want a vampire story that can be enjoyed and not ruined by over the top nonsensical romance, annoyingly emo characters, and expressionless sparkly pricks. So before I go I’ll leave you with this link enjoy.


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