Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Hello out there in WordPress land.  It is I, the one, the only, Roger Smith.  I am your host for this post this evening and I am also your negotiator.  I figured that now was as good as a time as any to introduce myself and what my small roll here at Corrupted Data is.  I am not only their negotiator, but I also try to run a lot of these websites and programs from behind the scenes.  Feeling that being felt is always better than being heard, you will “hear” from me very little, especially on the pod cast.  However, you WILL be feeling me on these posts and anything else I dip my hands into for these very fine group of Americans.  That being said, I am glad to serve the members of Corrupted Data and I am glad to serve you as your negotiator.  Cast In The Name Of God . . . Ye Not Guilty . . . .


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