Corrupted Review: FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa (PS3)

Ever since myself, ced and mage started Corrupted Data, the idea of reviewing various media was  always something that we would like to do on the blog. So here is what I believe will be the first of numerous insightful reviews.

This past  June 2010, 32 countries competed for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The World Cup is the most prestigious trophy in football (soccer). EA Sports’ FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa puts the player right into the atmosphere of the tournament.  As a football fan and a gamer, I was looking forward to the release ever since it was announced earlier this year.

In addition to the Play Now and Training Modes, you have the option to take your country to the World Cup in the offline or the much talked about online mode Battle of the Nations. After choosing a country to earn points for, players can select any country to try and capture the World Cup. Matches are random so there is a possibility of having to face the same team more than once, but it does not happen often. The offline World Cup mode gives you option to start your Road to the prize in the qualification round, choosing from one of the six confederations.

After playing FIFA 10 and playing this edition of the World Cup game, It defiantly plays differently, the speed, the way skill moves work, shooting (especially penalties), and even the way the crowd looks and sounds. I am looking forward to what EA Sports has up their sleeves with FIFA 11 which is set for a September release.


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