Episode 30

Corrupted Data Episode 30 is up for your listening interest. Spread the corruption through Facebook, Fubar, iTunes and YouTube. Corrupted Reviews are on the way, stay on the look out. For those going to AnimeNEXT the Corrupted Crew will be there.


One thought on “Episode 30

  1. Whoops…Vote YES on the EAST RAMAPO BUDGET! Just more information…if the budget goes into austerity, more will be cut! Like $5 million more!…just clarifying, guys!
    Look here to find out where to vote:

    Budget information:

    The “Bloc of 5,” otherwise known as the Ultra Orthodox Hasidics, has proposed a compromise budget, BUT they themselves have put forth MORE effort to tell everyone, mostly their own kind, to vote NO. We need to tell everyone to vote YES YES YES, otherwise we as a community will lose out on the wonderful teachers and programs for OUR wonderful children!
    Thank guys! Much love!

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