For those looking for a cheap but awesome online experience

God Bless, The Korean online game developer Nexon . For those of you who are new to MMORPG’s or just online games in general and you want to test waters before committing to a game like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XI Online. Nexon has quite a selection of FREE online games for you to play. The most common known and possibly most popular game Nexon has is they’re first game the 2D MMORPG known as Mapple Story, is very simple to play and can become quite the addiction for new players. If you want a more complex and involved online experience the MMORPG Mabinogi where you can farm, fish, creat your own clothes, play and compose music along with your almost traditonal rpg experience. Where even the NPC’s recognize you and your treatment towards them effects the game. Or if you enjoy music and B-Boy dance battles Audition maybe right up your alley where you can instantly start your own dance party. If you live for the thrill of battle in a First Person Shooter environment, Combat Arms will quickly throw you into the fray with amazing character and weapon customization and modification be prepared for a thrilling experience. And possibly another cool thing you can do is purchase Nexon cash online or in your local Target or Best buy and expand on your already vast and ever expanding game worlds with exclusive items like exclusive clothes and hairstyles or rare pets. Trust me if you want to play awesome games online and not willing to shell out 11 to 15 dollars a month Nexon games are definitely the way to go.

Nexon and all it’s games are Copyright of NEXON Corporation.


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